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From: Suzi Kellogg
Subject: PMVFD Amgen Tour Fundraiser

The Palomar Mountain Volunteer Fire Department held a fundraiser on Sunday, February 22, 2009, the day of the final stage of the world class Amgen Tour of California bike race. The Palomar Mountain portion of the race route took cyclists up the challenging "Palomar Climb" along the snowy slopes of South Grade, past the PMVFD fire station, and continued on an exciting, high speed coast down East Grade.

PMVFD firefighters, CERT team and HAM radio operators staged fire engines and communications equipment across from the Summit at the helicopter landing pad, making use of the donated building temporarily stored there, as headquarters. This allowed the fire department to hold a fundraiser inside the fire station, with a big screen TV set up for viewing the Amgen Tour as it progressed through San Diego County. The CERT team used the event as an opportunity for communications training, coordinating with local HAM radio experts and PMVFD firefighters. PMVFD and other Emergency Services organizations along the race route were on specific assignments under the direction of Cal Fire Battalion Chief Jeff Johnson.

In front of the fire station a booth was selling Firehouse Hot Dogs, chili con carne, snacks, coffee and hot chocolate. As the race approached the fire station, customers and volunteer cooks and servers all rushed out to East Grade, cowbells and cameras in hand, to greet the cyclists. It was an awesome experience and an exciting day for everyone as we stood side by side with visitors from all parts of the United States and the world, cheering on some of the world's greatest athletes.

The PMVFD fire board wishes to thank all those who participated in this event, which allowed us to raise cash for the fire department, so needed during this time of funding cutbacks. One of the fire department goals is to raise enough funds to relocate the donated Walls building (nicknamed after the donor, Earl Walls of Palomar Mountain) to the fire station property for use as a bunkhouse and administration office. Office furniture has been donated by the estate of Martha Stanton, CPA, of Escondido. $40,000 is needed to finish construction of the foundation, move the building and hook up electrical and plumbing.

PMVFD is a non-profit corporation, and 100% of donations are used solely to benefit the Palomar Mountain Volunteer Fire Department. Donations are tax deductible, payable to:
P.O. Box 235
Palomar Mountain, CA 92060.

Thank you!   Susie Kellogg
PMVFD Board President

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