Art Voss
Built 'Ahvsan' Ranch on Palomar Mountain

Art Voss loved Palomar. His first introduction to the mountain was when he was flying over in his helicopter in the 1970's. He told me that when he saw this valley, it was so beautiful, he "had to have it".

Arthur H Voss, who went by "Art" to his friends, was born in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, on May 31, 1919. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a business degree in the late 1930's. He then moved to Utah for a time, where he was a captain in the US Army teaching military science at the University where he met his wife of many years, Jean Caroline Sorensen. They moved to Los Angeles where they raised twin daughters, and there began his career in business.

Arthur started a small plumbing supply business, which eventually became an international importing business, Voss International Corporation, importing steel from the Orient. Along the way he also became a founder, and remained a director, of 20th Century Industries that later became 21st Century Insurance.

In his retirement he built the beloved project of his life, a beautiful 376 acre property on Palomar Mountain where he raised bison, cattle, and a variety of exotic animals. 

He traveled widely in his earlier years to Europe and the Orient, and enjoyed clubs, sailing and golfing.  He loved people, and was well known for the legendary parties he hosted for all different occasions.  His Palomar home was built in the shape of a "V" with a huge wrap-around deck. This was plenty of room for a band, lots of friends, family, and delicious food for his birthday parties on Memorial Day weekend. 

The Ranch was a 30 year project and was a favorite visiting spot for his many friends from business and social life through the years. He sold his ranch in 2005.

His twin daughters, Melanie and Stephanie of Newport Beach came to the Mountain many times. They both called recently to let his friends on the Mountain know that their father passed away in Newport Beach on June 19th, 2007 at the age of 88.

These three photos of his property were some he had framed at the ranch. The photo of the pond was taken by a friend in a helicopter as he flew in one day.  Art loved buffalo but it was a coincidence that the pond resembled the shape of a favorite animal.

Art loved to take pictures. One day at the ranch, he asked Dan to take this photo of us out checking on the buffalo. A few days later, the photo came in the mail. No matter the season, it was always a beautiful day at the ranch.    ~ Bonnie Phelps