Palomar Mountain
Friends of Blue Star Mothers

It was a very successful day for the Blue Star Mother's booth at the Fire Department Barbecue.  In spite of the noon rain  right at $150.00 was donated for postage for the next shipments, many people wrote notes to tuck inside, and a lot of folks took bags to fill for the holiday packages to our troops and return to the post office.  Thank you, people of Palomar!

Here is how you can help support our Troops! 
Your donations are appreciated for
the next Care Packages

You are invited to pick up a bag at the Palomar Mountain Post Office with this list on it for your convenience.  Fill it up, then simply drop it off at the
Post Office anytime prior to Nov. 14th:
Books, Cinnamon sticks, small cinnamon scented pine cones,
Christmas Cards, Hand held games, Hot apple cider packets, Candy Canes
Tiny Christmas Ornaments, Hot Chocolate packets, Popcorn
New Years Cards, New Years horns/hats, New Years Paper Hats
Confetti, Travel size jigsaw puzzles, Eye drops

Throughout the year we also send donations of individual or travel sizes of:
Coffee creamer and sugar packets, coffee packets & tea bags
Any Pre-sweetened powered drink mix (i.e. crystal lite, kook-aid, Gatorade)
Hot Chocolate Mix (individual packets)
Apple Cider Mix
, Breakfast Drink Mix
Tuna or Chicken Creations/Lunch kits (packages that already have all the condiments)
Cup O Noodles or Cup O Soup
, Trail Mix, Nuts, Protein Bar
Microwave popcorn
, Cereal or Breakfast bars, Pop Tarts
Instant Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat
, Cookies
Candy (hard candy preferred, no chocolate)
Gum (Caffeine Gum huge hit)
, Breath mints
Granola Bars
, Fruit Snack (roll-ups, gushers)  (No canned items i.e. fruit cups)

Hand held games, Board games (small, travel size)
Puzzles & word game books (small, travel size)
Playing cards & card games (Uno, Skip Bo, etc.)
Dice (Dice game books, example: Boggle, Mississippi Marbles)
Batteries (AA, C & D sizes), Whoopee cushions
Paddle balls, Hacky Sacks, Yo-Yo's,  Jigsaw Puzzles (small, travel size)
Nerf Footballs, basketballs (any small sport like ball)
Velcro Darts, Music CDs, DVDs, Small tablets of paper/pens
Hand held fans, neck coolers, squirt guns, squishy balls
Baby Wipes, Chap Sticks, Eye Drops
Socks (Cotton, Heavy, White and lack)
Zip Lock Bags (snack, sandwich, quart, and gallon sizes)

THANK YOU!   Your donations mean a lot to those who serve!