Bob Day
  Friend of the Mountain,  School Teacher 1969 to 1971

From: Rich and Lois Day, prior owners of the Nate Harrison Ranch

Robert T. Day, former teacher at the Palomar Mountain Elementary School and longtime friend of the mountain died December 3, 2006 in his home in North Park, San Diego. Mr. Day was 72. The cause of death is unknown. Interment was at Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in San Diego.
From 1969 to 1971 Bob Day was sole teacher at the one-room Palomar Mountain Elementary School. Students at the time were Trudy Tuton, Kim and Jon Miller, Darcy Palm, Vera Carrasco, and Doug and Gail Day.

Living in San Diego and commuting to the mountain, Mr. Day (no relation to his students of the same name) wore out a car getting to work and back. Far as is known, he did not miss a single day due to bad weather.

Not only was Mr. Day the lone mountain-school teacher, he served the school as both principal and janitor.

As a youth, Mr. Day studied toward the priesthood under the Franciscan Brothers at the Benedictine Abbey in Oceanside and at Mission San Miguel Arcangel in San Miguel, Calif. He stopped just short of taking his vows. Within the past two years he had visited both institutions to renew old friendships.

As a teacher and substitute, Bob taught sixth grade in both public and parochial schools around San Diego County, including in Jamul, San Diego, Pauma Valley, and Pala.

In good weather Bob hosted after-school pickup softball games in the mountain schoolyard. Parents, including Jennifer (Palm) Willis, Sheila Miller, Lily Carrasco, and Rich Day, often turned out to play ball with their youngsters.

During his Palomar years, Bob Day dated a nurse at the School Camp. After school he could be seen driving through the State Park to have dinner with her.

After leaving his mountain teaching position in the early 70s, Bob kept up an association with Palomar Mountain as a regular member of the official Palomar softball team. Each week during softball season, he drove out from the city to play. Opposing teams were from Pauma Valley and Valley Center. Other team members at the time included Don Phelps, Bruce Druliner, Jim Barnaby, Fred Echeveria, Joe Santabanez, and Doug and Rich Day. One of the team's best hitters, Bob usually managed to get on base.

Robert Day is survived by a brother John Day of Colton and a sister Kathleen Day of San Diego. He takes his rightful place in the recent history of Palomar Mountain.

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