Thanks to John Lesac, who filmed the event and has the video here for you to click and watch.  Both links take about a minute before they play.
Thanks also to Mike Pique, Susan Humason and Louise Walls for all the photos.

After 17 years as Chairman of the PMPO, Bruce Graves is passing the torch. 

PMPO members organized a fun surprise appreciation evening to recognize Bruce and Lola for some of the many ways in which they have given back to Palomar Mountain over the years.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Thank you so much for the pot-luck dinner on Sat. Oct. 21st. held in our honor. We truly appreciate all the effort, thought & time spent in such a wonderful surprise. It is a privilege to live in a very special community like Palomar Mountain where people care for their neighbors. We feel honored to be a part of it.
Bruce and Lola Graves

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