The Mountain Man Program

The Mountain Man program is a dramatic portrayal by Bruce introducing audiences to 19th Century America's rugged, heroic, buckskin-clad explorers, trappers and traders. Their names might be familiar but Bruce guides his audience into a much deeper understanding of the men and women who became folklore myths and heroes in the fabric of western history.

Watch Bruce demonstrate frontier skills such as fire starting with flint and steel, the Indian bow drill; how a flintlock fires, and a beaver trap works. You'll practice real Indian sign language and learn more about clothing and accoutrements needed for historic comfort and survival. You'll see a blanket capote, snowshoes, half axe, water gourd, molding tools, pack basket, trade beads, blankets, knives, saddles and more.

Instead of the conflicts, Bruce focuses on the cooperation and trade that resulted in a cross-pollination and integration that profoundly affected the cultural identity, arts, language, spirituality and ecology of the region we call "the West". He then suggests ways that every member of his audience can unearth and explore their own cultural roots thus beginning a journey of personal discovery leading to a richer, broader and deeper understanding and acceptance of the numerous similarities among the many cultural traditions that nourish our American identity.
Bruce sets up a large display of relics and regalia or "eye candy", creating a fascinating backdrop for his demonstrations. He uses guitar-accompanied songs and sing-alongs to involve and engage everyone at the program. It's not all talk; Bruce's active skill demonstrations keep the interest level high and focused. Audience involvement is achieved through sign language gestures and sing-alongs. Discussion evolves during the question and answer period following every program. Bruce can provide suggested reading titles, sources for accoutrements and offers his contact information for follow-up questions.

Bruce's expertise and research have developed over a lifetime of reading, western living in a frontier setting, experiential anthropology and his work as a National Park Ranger, tour guide and teacher of outdoor education.

Mountain Man Living History Program: $250 for 2 hours
This program has been successfully performed in front of audiences of all ages at elementary school assemblies, outdoor education school camps, state park campfire talks, Scout groups, and National Historic Sites.

To contact Bruce for further information or to order his CDs:

Bruce Druliner, Rancho Palomar
25155 East Grade Road
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