The Summit got it's name when the County Road Department built the Highway to the Stars up the South Grade.  As Cal Tech was finishing the last five miles to the Observatory, the other roads on Palomar were extended to meet at the Summit. When you arrive at the Summit, you'll see our little 'Country Town'. The General Store and Mother's Kitchen Restaurant. You'll often run into the locals around noon when some stop for lunch, pick up their mail, and catch up on the latest at the porch in front of the Store. You're invited to stop by and 'swap howdys' - just never know what you'll learn at the Porch. 

Palomar Mountain General Store
760 742-3496

Mother's Kitchen
760 742-4233

Palomar Mountain Post Office
760 742-3044    Up by 11 Out by 3
M - F 8:30 to 4:45 Lunch 12:30 -1:00  Sat 8:30 to 12:30