Bailey's Palomar Resort
Camping, Lodging, Cabins and & Event Venues
Brad and Terri  Bailey 760 742-1859

Crestline Group Campground
At  the top of the Mountain where S6 and S7 meet,
just west, or to the right of the Fire Station.
Reservations Only

Dripping Springs
Have you explored the North West side of the Mountain? Tom Chester gives all the details. He is a retired astronomer from Caltech and JPL, an avid hiker, and now a botanist. You're sure to enjoy his description of the hiking trails and his information on native plants, flowers and animals. He has some great pictures for you as well! Put your hiking boots on and watch out for those ticks!

East Grade Road, National Forest
At mile marker 6 on the north side of East Grade Road (County Road S-7) is a turnout that leads you to this trail. Botanist, Tom Chester has everything you would like to know, plus a whole lot more than you could ever imagine, about the plants flowers growing along the way! (This is a relatively small area of the National Forest surrounded by private property. Neighbors appreciate you staying on the trail.)   EastGradeRoadTrail

The parks all offer hiking and our friends at the Summit also have a great web link for you:

Lake Henshaw Resort
Cabins, Camping, Fishing, Hunting
Weddings and Special Events 760 782-3501

Oak Knoll
Vacation camping on the historic Highway to the Stars
Groups, Weddings, Special Events, Month-to-Month Rentals
760 742-3437

Observatory Campground
From the top of the Mountain, take Canfield Road.
Campground on right. Closed for the winter.

Fry Creek Campground
From the top of the Mountain, take Canfield Road.
Campground on left. Closed for the winter.

Palomar Mountain Park--Day Use Only
From the top of the Mountain, take Crestline Road.
Park is on the left. Open from 9:30 to 7:00--no open fires.

Palomar Mountain State Park
From the top of the Mountain, take road to the left of the Store, State Park Road, three miles.

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