Palomar Mountain Volunteer
Fire Department ~ PMVFD

The people of the Mountain are very thankful for the dedication of the volunteers who give of themselves to our Volunteer Fire Department. Their commitment with many long hours of training and dedication to be on call to respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week is appreciated by all.

You are invited to take your aluminum for recycling at the Fire Department. The bins are right there by the entrance. It helps the environment and the Volunteer Fire Department! Thanks!

Hot and Dry?
Anytime we have hot weather, dry conditions and low humidity it makes for a dangerous time for fires.  Please continue to create 100' of defensible space around your homes.  Only cut weeds and brush in the cool morning.  Always have a garden hose that can reach around your property.  Always report a fire immediately.  No Fireworks. 
Report suspicious activity.  Small fires can be stopped - Lets keep them from starting !!!