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Purpose of the PMFSC

1. Identify areas of the mountain where lives, structures, and/or resources are at significant risk due to high fuel loads.
2. Write grants for funding to accomplish the work necessary to reduce the fuel load in those areas.
3. Prioritize, manage and oversee fuel reduction/fire safety projects.
4. Educate the mountain community about fire safe practices and opportunities

We work closely with fire agencies, Resource Conservation District, BLM, Federal Forestry, California State Parks, and other Fire Safe Councils in the county.

What kind of Oak Trees do we have on
Palomar Mountain?  Click to see!

Our Fire Safe Council has done a tremendous amount of work to make our Mountain more Fire Safe for all since 2002.  They are a 501c3 non-profit corporation.

Many hours have been invested working with government agencies to get funding and coordinating the work to be done with property owners when the work crews actually have 'boots on the ground'.

There is a lot of work ahead of us writing grants and working together for a safer mountain. Your participation is appreciated.  Simply contact us for further info.

Notices of all meetings and other info are posted at the Palomar Post Office bulletin board.  You may also have it delivered to your Inbox, along with other news of Palomar, by subscribing to  Palomar Mountain News.

Ready for Fire Season?  Two things to do:

1. Download CalFire's free app Ready For Wildfire
2. Register your VoIP or cell phones with Alert San Diego for reverse 911 emergency calls.   

Be Prepared and Informed!

The photo above shows what we often see when big trees get on the ground.  Many are hollow. The chipping crews and climber are great to watch!   Many thanks to the council, and all the workers, for helping make Palomar more fire safe!   

Please note--All photos were taken of work done on Palomar.  Some photos show work done and/or paid for by private property owners.