Here are examples of just a little of the work that has been done on Palomar
to make the mountain more fire safe for all.

Yes, the cute little A-frame and picnic table was behind all the dead trees below. 
Just like kids--those trees grow up so fast!

The former owner of the property below had lost their insurance and had not been able to get new insurance for several years.  Trees hung over and were rubbing on the cabin.  Some trees were so close to the structures and had gotten so big, they were compromising the foundation.  There were a lot of dead branches, referred to as 'hangers' in many trees.  Many trees, very close together that would not survive a drought.  The property is now defensible in time of fire.  The owners were able to get good insurance.

The Fire Safe Council and their work is much appreciated to help make Palomar more Fire Safe for all!