Bears on Palomar

Bear on the mountain photographed 6 pm, Saturday, August 31, 1999.
Photo provided by photographers, Craig and Jackie Hill.

Quite a few residents reported seeing apparently four different bears that had been delivered to the Mountain in hopes of relocating them and introducing bears back into our area. The plan didn't work. So, all we have left are the stories, and the teeth marks in our trashcans--keep reading for the rest of the story.

From the Palomar Mountain e-News December 1999
A bear has been making himself at home at John and Rhonda Black's. He seems to prefer their front porch as that is where they have had the food out for their dogs. He sends the dogs for cover, polishes off their food and then leaves his droppings right there on the porch... They've been advised to have pepper spray on hand to hopefully head him off in another direction. Something must be working for them ... we live right over the hill and a bear visited our house last night! He made a mess of the trash cans. We even have one can that he tried to take a bite out of ... leaving his teeth marks in the side of the can!

We also got a call from a friend that was house sitting for Dutch and Sharon Bergman on Saturday. Their dogs had scared a bear up into a tree. He eventually got down and wandered off - before I could get over there for the Kodak opportunity!


Thursday Night, April 6th 2000, The Bear is alive and well!

About five minutes ago my son, Nathan, called me to run to the window with my camera.  There was a bear sauntering up the bank after successfully trashing our trash cans - again. I missed the Kodak opportunity this time, but will always remember my first Year 2000 sighting of that big animal on Palomar! That was a BIG bear out there tonight!

Most of you know that we lived here once before ... We bought our house originally in 1975 and sold it in 1978. We bought the same house again in 1998. It has been so nice to have the opportunity to move 'back home' on this beautiful mountain.

Not long after we moved here the second time, I was visiting in the General Store with several mountain folks. The subject of bears came up. Someone mentioned that there was a bear sighted on the mountain about 25 years ago but they doubted that the story was true. We looked through a copy of the Palomar Views and sure enough, Otis Kilgore had all the facts correct. Otis mentioned that he called the local Deputy Sheriff and went by to pick up his wife with their baby. Well, the local Deputy was my husband, the wife was me, and the baby was our son Brandon (who was married last Saturday)! That time I did get a picture of the bear (where is that picture???). It was near a corral where Bruce Druliner had his horse down at Bailey's. That bear was last seen meandering across the meadow near the campground.

You might like to read the whole story - it's on page 46 of Palomar Mountain Views, Volume II. Both the Palomar Views books are a must-read. Lots of rich history of the mountain. In fact, much of the text in Volume I was written by Bob Davis' grandfather. Bob's Grandmother is pictured on the front cover. You've just gotta have your own copies!

The books are available in The Store and through the PMVFD ... and watch out for those bears!