Who is this nice looking couple?
"Greetings from Palomar Mountain May 12, 1906"

Almost new cabins owners, Craig and Cyndi Harriett had this photo sent to them by a cousin.  The curious cousin did an internet search for Palomar Mountain when she heard they had a cabin in escrow and found this postcard. 

Since August of 2000, I've sold a lot of cabins on the mountain top but I don't quite recognize this 'fun, fixer in the forest'.  Have seen a few old rifles hanging above the mantle of some old timers up here but don't know if that one is still hanging around.  Now, those outfits would be quite the thing for a hike around the mountain in the merry month of May, don't you think?

Anyone know who this couple is and where it was taken?

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~Bonnie Phelps
Palomar Mountain News, April 2009