Each Labor Day weekend is a wonderful weekend to
remember on Palomar. 

On this page you'll see a few photos from 2006.

Please click for just a little of the fun for 2007.

It was a great Annual Labor Day weekend Barbecue Fund Raiser for the PMVFD in 2006! Congratulations to:
Don Heller for winning the Grand Prize for the Raffle!

Thanks to Michele Courtney and all the volunteers who spent so many hours to create another fun and memorable
Barbecue. The helicopter ride was fabulous! 
Thank you Phillips!  It was the most profitable event ever!
See Michelle's message below:

Sent: Friday, September 08, 2006 10:20 PM
Subject: Thanks and details from the Barbecue!$!

Hello Mountain Friends,
We have a huge gratitude of thanks for all everyone did to make the PMVFD Barbecue another wonderful success. There were so many people who worked behind the scenes the months prior and many long hours the past week and through the weekend to make it such a great day for all.
Earl and Gang, we all appreciate your hard work to kick the weekend off for our yummy Award's Dinner for all our Volunteers.
All the Mountain cooks, bakers, and servers, we thank you. Another great lunch netted us right at 3,200. The bake sale and goodies and beer and soda brought in about $2,000.
Lisa really sought out and got great Raffle and Auction prizes for all of you this year that brought in right at $6,000. The excited grand prize winner was mountain homeowner, Don Heller. Thanks to all who purchased tickets and donated prizes, auction items and nearly new stuff, too!
The Art Associates invested so much time with their projects to add the new booth this year of Palomar Perspectives. ALL the booths added so much interest and fun for all ages. It is appreciated!
Wog was so generous to donate the meat again this year. And, I don't think people realize that Bob and Arlene Shuster put the meat and beans on late Friday night, check on it all night, keep the beans stirred, to have it so tasty for us the next day at noon. Thank you!
Philips Read and other Silver State helicopter pilots sure added to our bottom line with right at $3000.00 brought in from all who enjoyed the fabulous view over the mountain. Thank you very much!!!
All day long we enjoyed the ambiance of a variety of musicians who donated their time and talent. We're still working on the totals but because of everyone working together and giving to this community, our net is the highest ever at about $14,000! Wow! Great job everyone! And please note without Tanya Johnson's help I do not think I could have done this. So thank you all!

Thanks to all, Michele Courtney for the PMVFD