Photos of Family and Friends at Lois Day's Memorial Service

Car Show with Rich, Russ and Friends

Rich and Lois Day at Morro Bay, September 2009

"The last treasured pictures of Lois out and about.  We're glad you took 'em."
Thanks,  Rich           Click to see the Album

Sadly, as some of you know, our wonderful long-time Palomar friend and neighbor, Lois Day, passed away Thursday night, July 29, 2010.  She was at her home with her husband Richard, and daughter Gail & Chris, by her side after several months of failing health. She had loving help from her family as well as very supportive Hospice visits.

Lois Day moved to Palomar Mountain from Illinois in 1969 with Richard, and their 3 children, Russ, Doug & Gail, where they built an off-the-grid home on Nate Harrison Grade, enrolled their children in local schools, attended Observatory potlucks--then Silver Crest potlucks, helped staff Voting Day, and became an integral part of the mountain community. With a natural warmth, a ready smile, and an interest in people-- especially children and newborns, Lois was an easy favorite on the Mountain for 31 years.

After the near-loss of their home in the Fire of '87, she helped organize a community Thank You Potluck the following year for all the fire agencies and volunteers who participated in saving the mountain. She very much enjoyed her work as a park aid for 10 years at the State Park entrance greeting happy campers, and assisting with communications as needed for lost hikers or first-aid, until she retired.

She stayed in touch with past and present Palomar friends and neighbors by attending the "Do-Nothing" or "Bag Lunch" luncheons in Escondido until 2000 when she and Richard moved to Central California nearer to their daughter's family; however, even then, she managed to visit from time to time and stay in touch, and is often remembered for her exceptionally beautiful handwriting.

Lois was 81 and their 60th wedding anniversary went by uncelebrated during the last weeks of her illness.  Many remember her walking sun-dappled trails with friends. Others remember her picking up the mail. Everyone knew how much her family meant to her and how pleased she was with all of her six grandchildren. She will be missed, honored, and remembered.   

Irene & Glen McCulloch

Family photo taken during the Christmas Holidays 2008 when the whole family was together for the first in a long time. 
Back row): Doug and Leanna and their kids Melissa and Erica; Julia; Keegan and Gail; and our adopted grandson Ryan on leave between Army hitches in Afghanistan as a communications tech. 
Front row): Russ, Asa, Rich, Lois, Weston, and Chris.

"Love and Hugs" from Lois

Lois was such a special lady and I'll miss her until we meet again......and meet again we will! May God bless Rich and his family with the comfort of knowing that she is in a wonderful place waiting for that glorious day that they will be reunited.  Sharon Bergman

Lois will never be forgotten, she was a wonderful, fun lady, we will miss her. Darlene Lewis

Hi Bonnie:  My dad sent me the link to your website with memories about my mom.  I just wanted to thank you for doing this.  Needless to say we are struggling with the loss of Mom/Grammy but it was encouraging to read the notes on your site.  We are most encouraged by the fact that Mom  put her trust in Jesus Christ as her personal savior about 20 years ago, through the ministry of my sister Gail, my wife Leanna and also  an LA Christian radio DJ named Rich Buehler.  Our prayers for Mom were answered and so we know without doubt that she is now in heaven with a restored body and mind.  It is not a vain hope; it is a promise from God's inspired word.  (1 Thessalonians 4:13)    Doug Day, Gilbert, AZ

"Loved seeing pics of Rich and Lois. I loved seeing Lois's big SMILE every time I would see her on the mountain. Rich my prayers are given to you and your dear family for support at this time.  With Love, Juliana Dahl and family"

We are so thankful that we got to see dear friends, Rich and Lois September 2009 up in Morro Bay.  They built their Nate Harrison Ranch in the 1970's and many strong friendships throughout the years.  Many times Don drove up the Nate back in his Sheriff days, he would be just in time for Lois' warm chocolate chip cookies and a fun visit.   Lois always gave updates on their family and Mountain news, and it was always great to catch up on Rich's latest projects including the National Association of Home and Workshop Writers  - be sure to see the History page written by Rich!   Bonnie Phelps

Below are recent photos of views on the Nate Harrison Grade of their land Rich and Lois loved so much on Palomar.

Heaven's Wings

You're in a place where perfect peace means no more tears to cry
And all life's pains and sorrows will forever pass you by
You're in a place where God Himself holds you in His hands
and everything that happening is all part of His great plan

And even though it may be hard for those you've left behind
I know that if we let you go that we are gonna find
A way to get beyond the tears by trusting God most high
And know that He has given you Heaven's Wings to Fly

You're in a place where you will shine in God's light eternally
And darkness cannot touch you cause His love has set you free
You're in a place where someday we will see you once again
as you smile down upon us now we know your
love will never end

We can let you go and still hold you close like a kite no longer seen
If we hold on although we lose site we'll feel a tuggin' on the string...

by: Kimba Platt,  a fellow mountain woman
copyright 1997

Lois Patricia Day, who lived on Palomar Mountain from 1969 to 2000 and worked in the State Park, died July 29, 2010. She was under Hospice care for dementia that we think was triggered by a trip-and-fall accident she suffered eight years ago. She was 81.   Lois is sorely missed by her family members and so many others.
This coming September 4, a Christian memorial service is being held in the Creston Community Church on the California Central Coast. It's at 2 p.m.  Lois's many friends on and off the Mountain are invited to attend . Please contact Rich for directions.
This is an invitation, NOT a solicitation. Flowers are being provided. But, if desired, contributions in Lois's name may be made to: Moody Bible Institute, 820 North LaSalle Blvd., Chicago, IL 60610-3263, Attn: Emily Ferguson, Stewardship. Donors should specify: "In memory of Lois Day." (MBI will send each donor a written receipt.)
Or, Hospice Partners of the Central Coast; 277 South Street, Suite R; San Luis Obispo, CA 93401.
Hope you can make it.  Rich Day

Richard Day
3131 Tori Lane
Templeton, CA 93465
Home phone: 805-434-5166

If you would like to add memories or photos of Lois to this webpage,
simply e-mail Bonnie.    Thank you.

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