Thanks to weekenders, Jack and Phyllis Stookey who sent the photograph and the information below, we have another addition to our historical file for Palomar Mountain.

In 1947's Nightmare Alley, the Palomar Observatory has appeared as an observatory.

Cecil B. DeMille's
The Virginian (1914) was partially filmed on Palomar Mountain, Girl of the Golden West (1915), and The Rose of the Rancho (1914) filmed in local mountains.

Several horror or science fiction films have been shot in San Diego County locations. Among the most well known was
Invaders from Mars (1953) in which Martians land on earth and take over the minds of the adults living in a small town. The movie was partially filmed at Palomar Observatory.

Another Palomar Mountain project was
Crater Lake Monster, (1977) about a dinosaur lying dormant in Crater Lake that is suddenly awakened by a meteor crash. The film's director William R. Stromberg used David Allen, the same animator/claymation artist who made Mrs. Butterworth and Swiss Miss commercials in the 1970s, to create the effect of a rampaging dinosaur.