Music on the Mountain
"We danced at Bailey's - Mrs. Tillinghast at the piano, Roy at the coronet,
I at the violin. Those were the Good Ole Days!"
Pat  Jones, August 2000, a part of the Music of the Mountain since the 1920's

People will tell you that the Mountain seems to make it's own kind of music.  . . Stories are told of music being an important part of the Mountain since the late 1800's. Gathering around the piano with fiddles and violins for square dances at Bailey's Dance Hall, the Clubhouse on Crestline, or a guitar around a campfire.

We are still living in those 'Good Ole Days" with wonderful local musicians to keep the music alive on Palomar Mountain.

Bagpiper, Benjamin Scott Johnston
Ben  619 818-5141
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Bruce Druliner
Songs of the old West, Square Dance calling 76O 522-9926
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Dutch Bergman
76O 742-333O

Harry Joe Reynolds & Kathleen Johnson
76O 415-3784  Faultline Folk Music
YouTube Jam  Wayfarring Stranger  and lots more! 
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Robin Adler and Dave Blackburn
Songs of Joni Mitchell ~ The Joni Band

The Smith Mountain Band
Since the 1970's
Bill Druliner, Dutch Bergman, & Steve Barry
76O 742-333O

Over 200 years musical experience!
Bill Frisbie 76O 23O-1199