Faster than a speeding banjo run!
More powerful than the Orange Blossom Special!
Over 200 years musical experience!

San Diego's newest old-time supergroup presents bluegrass, old-time and folk classic sounds with a twist. High and lonesome meets high energy physics!
Yes, the only acoustic music ensemble named after a major cosmological
theory vibrates in five dimensions fueled by the unique talents of:

James Rust - inspired at his cabin on Palomar Mountain with his tenor guitar and lightning-fast lyrics, fights a never-ending battle to keep his singing up with
the instrumentals!

Given Harrison - multi-instrumentalist, bon vivant and classic car maven, folklorist and bass master to the stars!

Bill Frisbie
- guitar guru, warping the flat pick into hyper-spatial dimensions!

Don Hickox - Doctor of Fiddleology, dazzling audiences on three continents with his chicken impression!

Jason Weiss - breaking the banjo barrier by channeling the classic styles of Earl Scruggs, Ralph Stanley and other 5-string masters!

Bookings: Contact Bill Frisbie (760) 230-1199 or