PAC, now a subcommittee of the PMPO, meets about every other week to investigate and act upon issues of concern to the Palomar Mountain Community.

Do you have ideas or pet peeves that someone should ACT upon? 

Let any of the members know.  The PAC is PMPO's way to be more available and responsive to the needs of the Community.

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PAC Board Members:

Tom Burton, Chair

Earl Walls

Bruce Graves

Jerry Fisher

Bonnie Phelps

The Palomar Action Committee was established by joint resolution based on discussions in 2005. Its first meeting was January 27, 2006 with two PMVFD members, two CCPM members and one independent.  During that time its initial focus of facilitating the Community Center, bore fruit. Countless person-days of work yielded untold tens of thousands of dollars of benefit for the PMVFD and CCPM as it solicited and realized donations of cash, real and personal property. The group was responsible for the elimination of a cloud on the title to the PMVFD property, procured a free survey of the PMVFD site and days of valuable professional expertise in building design, law, tax and real property areas toward the improvement of the PMVFD properties and the manifestation of a more functional, and now nearly completed Community Center.

In 2008 the PAC was 'adopted' by the PMPO so that it could supplement its quarterly meeting schedule with a subset of its members; Earl Walls, Bruce Graves and Bonnie Phelps, joined by 'independents:' Jerry Fisher and Tom Burton.

Currently on its "plate" are:
      Working to resolve the Dual Survey problem
      Tracking the County's General Plan Amendment
      Exploring alternatives to the proposed SDGE power outage in times of high fire risk
      Investigating the proposal for a Pala race track
      The Palomar Easement Project
      Collecting information on the Poomacha fire
      Volunteer Fire Watch program institution

The PAC task list has over fifty completed projects or investigations and looking forward to checking off more action items to benefit the Mountain!


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