Shoberg's Pierce Arrow

Click to see photos of the cars on Palomar!

Little Billy Shoberg was about eight years old when this photo was taken in the 1930's. Dad, Mom, and Sis were sitting on the  front of their Pierce Arrow outside their cabin on Palomar.  The family still has that cabin --and the car--and they drove it up to Palomar with lots of friends!  Bill and his daughter Linnea are volunteers with their Pierce Arrow Society,  and hosted a National Car Club Tour with a fun day on Palomar:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009, we saw approximately 80 of the "finest motor cars ever made" right here on the mountain top!  The Shoberg family made it up in the snow decades ago (more family pix below), so the group really enjoyed their beautiful summer day drive.  Since there was such a large group, they toured the Observatory tour in two shifts.  They were seen shopping at the General Store and then everyone stopped at our place for a catered lunch.   Mountain friends were invited to pop by for the eye candy