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 Palomar Mountain Planning Organization 

The Palomar Mountain Planning Organization (PMPO) was established in the early 1980's to help develop planning goals and proposals for the Palomar Mountain Community. The organization provides guidelines for future economic, social, and physical development of the community.

Quarterly meetings are posted here. You can receive meeting notifications by subscribing to the Mountain News here.

Our Board is comprised of community volunteers who are dedicated to protecting and enhancing Palomar Mountain. Board members are elected to three year terms. They serve at the pleasure of the community without compensation. Board members are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest as well as recuse themselves from voting on matters pertaining to those disclosures.


 Current Board Members (as of 5/23/09)

Heather Beer
Terri Bailey
Glenn and Cecilia Borland (chairman)
Robert Carlyle
Donna Dose
Mike Chesney
Bruce Graves (vice chairman)
Rob Hawk
Susan Humason
Scott Kardel
Bob O’Neill
Mike Pique (secretary)
Alan Serry (treasurer)
John Tainer & Libby Getzoff

Board Member History



News and Upcoming Events                                                   
last udate: August 22, 2009

8/22/2009: Published Minutes of PMPO 2020 Sub Committee Meeting - 7/12/09

6/27/09: Special PMPO Meeting conducted:

  • PMPO Sub-Committees have been temporarily suspended, with the exception of the Communications Committee;
  • Communications Committee have been tasked to rework Article IX of the by-laws, regarding the roles, authority and autonomy under which PMPO sub-committees will operate
  • A GP20/20 Committee was formed to respond to the County Draft Environmental Impact Report, which is due in late August

08/30/2008:Well monitoring permission form (color, B&W) (more information here)

Resident Surveys

03/25/2009 Solar power resident survey results: 35 responses.

6/4/2008 Land Use Survey Results: 154 responses. Optional comments: 34 responses.

01/23/2007 Internet access: Mountain Survey Results : 100 responses.

Contact us: Postal Address: P.O. Box 145, Palomar Mountain, CA 92060-0145

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