06/04/2008 Land Use Survey Comments
  1. My family has been coming to Palomar since the late 1950s, as my grandfather was a close friend of Newt and Doris Bailey. I have lived and worked on the mountain in the past, and may well live there again. I would never do anything to degrade the Palomar experience. The knee-jerk NIMBYism alarms me.
  1. An ecellent means of getting our true feelings out to the county.
  1. My response pertains to CRESTLINE/BIRCH HILL ONLY. If BirchHill can be accessed by other than CRESTLINE Road then exclude it. Considering there are 11 residential areas that constitute the Palomar Mountain Community the ONLY FULL Time High Density Dwelling exists on CRESTLINE. Every available piece of land on Crestline (with or without shack,shabin or leanto) has been/is being aggressively marketed. Last Feb/2007 I observed with interest a tract of MATURE MANZANITA Forest being eradicated in order to prepare a building site with additional clearing for the prospective buyer (a fullday week-long PROJECT compliments of the then Fire Safe Counsel crew) in preparation for the ominous Realtor Sale sign which at this writing bears the add-on 'IN ESCROW'. 
  1. any time some one parks on the side of the road within the cleavand national park, like during the snow season, the enforcment of a forestry pass should be enforced. They are only five dollars and would not only help out the park but cut down on the trash/impact on the mountain.
  1. I admire the professional quality of the work done by the PMPO and appreciate the dedication and hard work done by the volunteers serving PMPO
  1. I would like to see at least one more resturant that is open in the evening with a larger selection of food. A larger store selling more food items and beef. More fun shops. Things that would make living on the mountain easier ie a gas station with two pumps that are operated with credit cards so employees would not be needed but the option to purchase gas on the mountain.
  1. I believe the PMPO will make the right decisions and have the mountain's as well as the people's best interests at heart. There are probably some property issues that should be considered case by case and should be allowed to transend existing or future general restrictions...however , there are probably darn few. I believe Palomar's highest, best use is as a soulful, tranquil, quiet and predominently natural refuge from the pressures of the modern world. We don't need more shops and stores...as Jeremiah said to Del Que: "I been to a town!" And more words of wisdom from Bear Claw Chris Lapp: "People come to the mountain plannin' ta get somethin their nature's couldn't get 'em below. Comes to nothin...can't cheat the mountain pilgrim... the mountain's got its own ways."
  1. I would like to see a REAL deli/restaurant at S6 & S7. Has anyone approached the owners of mothers kitchen to change the menu or buy-out the existing operator. The operation would not survive if there where another option.
  1. On question #6, it did not give a option for keeping things as they are. I took option #1 so I could go on with the survey, but please count it as keeping the same as it is now.
  1. Prefer to keep commercial activities limited to current areas, with support for those activities not at the Summit (Lodge, Observatory, etc.). Very much opposed to decreasing housing density, since may allow development creep.
  1. What is wrong with Incorporation? Is there not the tax base? Would we then be able to provide a School?
  1. "Of, For, and By the People"
  1. Keeping the Mountain Community small and quaint is important to us part-timers though it would be nice if the full time residents had more choices where they could shop or at least be able to buy food or fuel without driving into Pauma or VC.
  1. Palomar Mountain is such a unique and special place that it deserves to be preserved and protected for what it is and what it has been contributing to our lives. I have lived here and enjoyed this mountain for over 50 years and in that time I have seen special places like Julian and Ramona and Valley Center and so many others succumb to the pressures of population and change. Please save Palomar Mountain from such a fate, it's the last place left. And I think the best way to do that is to be very strict about zoning and growth. We have to be willing to give up a little in order to gain the advantage and the privelege of enjoying and living on Palomar. To say nothing of insuring that clean water and air and forest resources are defended from over-use. We can do it, and I am willing. For those not so willing, there are always places like Julian or Ramona or Valley Center that may suit them better. Thank you for your consideration.
  1. I want no changes - Keep it just the way it is
  1. I would like to see more businesses on the mountain to support the residents, campers and visitors. A real general store, a restaurant option beyond the single option available now.
  1. Your format is too restrictive for my land ownership on Palomar Mtn.
  1. I would like to see some allowance made for reasonable commercial development to take place in the previously identified areas.
  1. The helicopter pad should be allowed commercial zoning for expanded visitor services. The subregional plan should include goals and guidelines for permitted uses in the recognized residential clusters at Crestline/Birch Hill and Baileys; and for the Summit properties.
  1. I would like to see a small "town center" style of development with necessary services such as a simple grocery, gas station with basic auto repair (plug tires, belts, hoses, etc.) and doctor or community clinic. We own property and have considered building for "part timer" status, but probably won't anytime in the near future because the mountain doesn't offer these basic services, and thus lacks the cohesion of a typical small community.
  1. I've lived in San Diego all my life - and have seen the changes. Many are good...many are not. I understand the need for growth but it has to have two hands - I have not seen implementation of many things that should accompany growth (e.g., efficient, clean public transportation, alternative clean energy sources, SERIOUS water conservation, adament protection of our parks and open spaces...they are so beautiful, unique and increasingly rare).
  1. We need to preserve what is left of our unique habitat.
  1. The area at the Store, across from the store should be commerical due to the current traffic of people visiting during snow and summer days.
  1. Any growth would be detrimental to the environment and the quality of life on Palomar.
  1. Preservation of Palomar as a natural resource is important to me because we have no other place like it on the Planet. Many Plants and other species only exist and have evolved because Palomar is one of the only mountain ranges that is close to the ocean. Water is a precious resource. The small water companies can only produce so much at their current set up. Due to climate change and the constant threat of fire modest building density is essential to minimize property loss. I am interested in finding a conservation group that property owners of non build-able lots could sell the property to and conserve the area. Thank You.
  1. I would not like to see Paklomar become a garish tourist trap with MacDonald's and condos. But I would like the county to stay out of our hair when it comes to our personal property.
  1. I believe that in the future water resources will be limitied even more than it is now. This alone should restrict development
  1. Growth on Palomar is not acceptable for a variety of reasons including: 1. Mountain roads are not designed for heavy traffic (especially in times of disaster or snow). 2. Limited water supply. 3. More businesses and homes mean increased lighting which will in essence eventually blind the observatory. 4. Volunteer fire department would need to grow extensively to cover increased number of calls due to increased population. 5. The quality of remote living will be lost and we'll start to look like any other place name on the map -- how boring!
  1. I feel a stronger effort to establish reliable internet and direct TV needs to all residents desiring same should be made on a priority basis even if a monetary donation is required from all those so interested. Also, I feel a monetary grant should be pursued on a high level of priority to improve road conditions throughout the mountain for the safety and comfort of all. I feel that all homes or living structures erected on the mountain should only be allowed if a proper building permit is submitted and approved that meets all county and state zoning and sanitary rules and regulations for our mountain community
  1. I think it is a shame that there is no real restaurant or store on the mountain. 
  1. We bought our property on Palomar Mountain because of the lack of development, our greatest fear is more congestion and traffic.
  1. The FCI is an unfair taking of private property without compensation. We would like to see it expire.
  1. I would hope to maintain the quality of life that the mountain provides now without adding too many additional structures or more population. Keep the mountain remote, wild, unique, and manageable.