April 2009 Solar Power Survey of Palomar Mountain Residents

Number of respondents: 35
Respondents with solar power: 15

Of 15 with solar power:


  1. I have a Solar design and installation service as part of my company (Druliner Construction Inc) I've been living with an off-grid system for over 20 years. I design and install both grid-tied and off- grid systems. [Bill Druliner, Druliner@Starband.net]
  2. Bill Druliner, my son, installed my solar panels in my house at Palomar Ranch. He is a contractor now also in the business of Solar Installation having studied it. [Mary Camper-Titsingh]
  3. I installed my system in 1990. I live on the East Grade Road. [Bruce Druliner, burntspoonpalomar@yahoo.com]
  4. We are totally off grid. I have 4 280 watt panels and and a 12 volt system. two deep cycle 6v batteries tied together. It works extremely well. [Larry Groupe, LarryGroupe@cox.net]
  5. Installed 16 fixed 167 watt panels on a 30 degree angle speed rail frame and put 16 Trojan deep cycle 6v batteries and an Outback control system in a fireproof 10X12 shed so about 2.7KW cost about $11/watt. Holds up OK supplying a 1200 sq ft home for 1-2 dark days but drains down fast if I let the LPG hot air heat blower run (heat w/wood instead). After 3-4 dark days, even using wood for heat it needs recharge w/backup gen (Honda portable). [Robert Wells, rob@yynet.com]
  6. About 2,000 square feet of triple-junction amorphous silicon photovoltaic laminates made by Ovionics, 16 high capacity gel-cell batteries, Three Outback inverters, and a propane-powered auto start backup generator; totally off-grid. We generate about 9 Kwatts in full sunlight and about 2-3 Kwatts in full overcast or snow-covered roof. We overdesigned the system as the home is ultra-efficient (water, heat, lighting, etc.). [Jim Hamerly, hamerly@gmail.com, photos here]
  7. Here are some energy tips.