Art Voss

Bettie MacInnes

Bill Richardson

Bob and Jo Davis

Bob Day

Bob Jeans

Bob Litchfield

Cal Rainford

Chad Lewis

Chuck Stoffel

Dee Foltz

Dick and Halcie Clark

Doug Tillinghast

Earl Walls

George Evangalou

Helen McKinley

Kye Matthew

Kyle Casto

Jack Norvall

Jerry Lipetsky

Joe Robinson

Joel Mendenhall

Laura Bonham

Lois Day

Mike Stevens

Mom -  Charlotte Hermann

Nick Ackerman

Oliver Brown

Peter Swenson

Ramona Ricchiuti

Richard Walls

Vance White

Many people over the years have called Palomar "their own".  All have contributed to what the mountain is today. 

Since the Palomar Mountain e-News began in 1998, I have occasionally received a message to turn around to the broadcast telling of someone with ties to the mountain who has passed on.  Realizing that these people's lives on this mountain, are part of our history, this portion of was created in 2007.

Do you have memories to add?  Just send them my way.

Bonnie Phelps

Art Voss, Bettie MacInnis, Bill Richardson, Bob and Jo Davis, Bob Day, Bob Jeans, Bob Litchfield, Cal Rainford, Chad Lewis, Chck Stoffel, Dee Foltz, Dick and Halcie Clark, Douglace Tillinghast, Earl Walls, George Evangalou, Helen McKinley, Kye Matthew, Kyle Casto, Jack Norvall, Jerry Lipetsky, Joe Robinson, Joel Mendenhall, Laura Bonham, Lois Day, Mike Stevens, Nick Ackerman, Oliver Brown, Peter Swenson, Richard Walls, Vance White obituary, death, deceased, memorial service, celebration of life. Ramona Mona Ann Ricckiuti