Thanks to Louise Walls for her panorama from their deck looking out over the Guejito Ranch and La Jolla Reservation.  You can see Rincon Casino to the right.

Valentines Day Treats 2008

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Most of us on the Mountain woke to a Valentine surprise looking out to a beautiful snow! Then a message came in from Jim Billups to grab my camera and go see what was waiting for us at the Post Office!  Janet Phares had a chocolate Valentine kiss on each PO box! 

I'd kidnapped Louise Walls so you can see her getting her mail with the fun greeting! We're guessing this is the only Post Office in the entire nation with such a Valentine holiday spirit!

Janet is the smiling face behind the chocolate treats. She is filling in for Postmaster Lisa as 'Officer in Charge' for a few months while Lisa is working in Pauma Valley. "Thought I'd just put a little love out there along with the flurries", Janet explained. Janet does not have a 4 wheel drive and since it was snowing so hard, she knew she needed to get down the mountain as soon as possible. So, she called Kathy Fitzgerald to relieve her. Kathy's husband delivered Kathy in his big 4-wheel drive truck to work the afternoon shift. (That was a play on words for those of you who know Kathy, as she is our Mountain Midwife).

Janet was waiting in front of our fire for 'Tractor Don' with his plow to help her get out with plans to take the afternoon mail down to Valley Center.

As you've known since the Pony Express days, neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor dead of night, the mail MUST go through!

Before we could get Janet's car out, Don had to put his snow plow blade on his tractor, and get his truck out of a ditch (true story!).  He plowed the birm and Louise helped clear the windows.  The County plow had just come up the South Grade, so Janet took off and later called to say the box of mail made it to the flat lands on time.   

Ah, the drama of Palomar. 

Out and about on the Mountain thanks to all the snow plow guys!

Photo below was taken from the Sunset Lookout on State Park Road. 

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