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The Mountain Lion photo above was taken by Bob Price through his living room window on State Park Road,  October 17, 2004.  Prices live across from our place and it was a few days later we saw the lion loping across the road.  Beautiful to see--from a distance.

This new webpage had it's beginnings in January of 2008 when Louise Walls sent a message to the Mountain News asking if her visitor was a Bobcat or a BIG house cat that has lost its tail..  Tom Devitt had also recently set beautiful photos of the Salamanders he is studying.  So, this is a beginning for all who enjoy nature on Palomar Mountain!

What great animal shots and stories from the Mountain do you have to share?  Simply send them my way.   As time allows, we'll add them.  Now you can see a Tree Frog, Lizard and Snakes close as well as snakes and Corrections & suggestions always welcomed.  Thank you to everyone who contributes to make this Mountain so special!

~Bonnie Phelps

Western Bluebird and baby birds in their nest on Fern Meadow Road by Jim Hamerly

Golden Eagle on Nate Harrison by Mike Johnson

Cattle & butterfly were out and about the same time I was ~ Bonnie 

Tom Devitt passed on info from a Berkeley entomologist who says the butterfly is a Pale swallowtail. The scientific name is Papilio eurymedon.

Ernie Cowan's Deer  & Thanksgiving Escapees by Mike Stevens

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