Tom Devitt is a graduate student in the Department of Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley working towards his Ph.D. He frequents Palomar Mountain studying two species of salamanders (a type of amphibian), the Large-blotched Ensatina salamander and the Monterey Ensatina salamander.

These secretive animals live under logs and rocks in forested areas and are active mainly at night, especially during the wetter months of the year. Tom has heard from many people they've lived on Palomar for years, but have never seen these creatures due to their secretive nature. Very interesting work!

The salamanders shown are hybrid on top, and the Monterey Ensatina in the middle.  Most people here seem to be most familiar with the Large-blotched Ensatina pictured on the bottom.  Photos taken by Tom on the Mountain.

You may contact Tom for more information.

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